Lost greyhound in Lincoln

Photo courtesy MGPS

Right now, somewhere in the wooded area in Lincoln, there’s a scared greyhound running loose. Her name is Love and she was recently adopted from Maine Greyhound Placement Service in Augusta. Her owners are scared, worried that she’s going to get hurt or worse. I can’t image the pain, confusion, and terror these owners are going through. I hope I never have to find out.

What’s worse is that she was just adopted on Saturday and she slipped out of her collar on Monday around 9 p.m.

Love was last seen on Williams Street in Lincoln. She is a four-year-old brindle spayed female. She had a plain blue collar on, but no tags. However, she is microchipped. For more information, updates, or sightings, please call Louise Sawyer at 207-215-6801.

It’s heartwrenching to think how scared she must be. Have a Heart crates have been set up in Lincoln and there was another sighting around 5 p.m. today (Thursday). Apparently she’s sticking close to her new home, but if you see her, DO NOT APPROACH her. Instead, call Louise Sawyer from MGPS at the number above.

If you have pets, please consider redoing their tags and microchipping them. Don’t let this happen to you. And keep your fingers crossed for Love. Let’s hope she decides to come home soon.

UPDATE: According to MGPS’s vet tech Louise Sawyer, Love was observed on High Hill on Clark Street at 5 p.m. Thursday. Louise believes she is operating on “kennel time”. That means she’s going to be the most active/hungry in the mornings between 6-9 a.m. and again between 4:30-7:30 p.m. This time frame will be when it’s most possible to sight her and possibly capture her in one of the two Have-A-Heart traps  in the owners yard

A few hints offered by Louise:

1. Searching for Love with a dog in tow could help draw her near. and at least keep her in her neighborhood. Avoid the areas where the traps are actually set up (front and back yards) of the owners home on Williams Street.

2. She will avoid the traps if people are anywhere near them.

3. Resist the temptation to leave food out for her so she will be  hungry enough to get

4. Do not chase her if you see her and don’t even approach her. If she approaches, gently encourage her. But be very careful. A very scared and frightened dog may bite.