Fenced in

When we bought our home in Hermon in October 2008, we didn’t own a dog. We thought it might be nice to have a fenced in area, but we didn’t really NEED one.

Then, on December 27, 2008, Laura entered our lives. As new greyhound owners we were instructed not to ever let her off leash. Not because she couldn’t be taught recall (a.k.a. “COME”), but because it’s so ingrained in the greyhound DNA that the moment they “sight” something (like a small fuzzy animal or a turkey or a steak hanging in mid-air) they’ll take off, cares left to the wind.

We totally believe it. The one time she’s managed to pull the leash out of my hands to take off with a turkey feather, there was no coming back. The only saving grace? The word “RIDE”.

So we started thinking about adding a fence. Then we started a major remodel on the house. The fence was pushed away until we could better afford it. In the meantime we’d go to Green Acres Kennel Shop and use the play field. It had plenty of space for her to run. And after two grueling winters of walking her down Coldbrook Road to do her morning and afternoon constitutionals… we decided it was time.

We talked about different styles, materials, and the like. We finally decided to go economical the first time out and got black chain link. We knew it would need to be more than 5 feet high (greyhounds CAN scale fences shorter than 5 feet), so the fence is actually a bit taller than I am.

We got estimates from three local fence companies (the DIY method wouldn’t be all that cheaper and honestly, we didn’t have the time). We chose ADA Fence Company in Palmyra because of their experience (and the quote was good too). They showed up and installed the fence the same day and it looks good.

But most of all, she loves it. And so do we.

Protecting your pets is extremely important. A fence is a good start, but they should always wear tags when not in the house (and even then, tags can protect them if they sneak out). When we adopted Laura, she came microchipped, so if she ever was lost and then found, the vet or shelter could check her for a microchip. We chose to have Olivia microchipped when we moved back to Bangor in 2005 (our other cat Ash was within 2 weeks of being chipped before he disappeared). I highly recommend this very affordable option. If we had microchipped Ash before he disappeared, we might have found him.

Microchipping clinics happen throughout the state on a semi-regular basis. If you’re thinking about it, I recommend you speak with your vet.